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Application for Peddlers

  1. City of Creston, Iowa
    116 W Adams
    P.O. Box 449
    Creston, IA 50801-0449
    Phone 641-782-2000
    Fax 641-782-6377
  2. Creston's Restored Depot and City Hall
  3. Application for license for peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants (per Creston City Code, Chapter 122).
    - $10 Non-refundable Application Fee
    - $50 One-Day Permit Fee
    - $150 One-Week
    - $500 Six-Month
    - $1,000 One-Year Permit Fee
  4. Have you ever been convicted of a felony, arrested for theft, fraud, or a crime involving moral turpitude?
  5. Criminal History Background Check

    Applicant must obtain a Criminal History Background Check from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. This background check must have been updated within one year from the date of this permit request.

    Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
    Support Operations Bureau, 1st Floor
    215 E 7th Street
    Des Moines, IA 50319|
    Phone: 515-725-6066

  6. State of Iowa Sales Tax Permit
  7. Prior to Issuance of License

    Return application with appropriate fee and, if a Transient Merchant (food trucks, fireworks tent, etc.), evidence that a bond has been filed with the Secretary of State in accordance with Chapter 9C of the Code of Iowa.

  8. License for 365 days maximum. Soliciting from Sunrise to Sunset only.
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