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  1. City of Creston Parks & Recreation Donation Form
    Thank you for your support of the Creston Parks & Recreation Department. Much of our support for upgrades, major repairs and new items for the parks comes from fundraising efforts. The funds raised are used to complete projects in the parks and to match grant funds. With the generosity of many local business sponsors and individuals, recently we have been able to complete the walking trail along the west side of McKinley Lake, install a new merry-go-round in McKinley Park, add a new walking trail and sidewalk along Taylor Park and build a new sand volleyball court.
  2. As we complete these projects, we are excited to begin work on new projects. Some of the items on our wish-list include: new playground equipment, renovation/refurbishment of Rainbow Park fountain, planting trees to replace so many we lost in the last few years, new picnic tables, new shelter, upgrading restroom facility at Taylor Park, finalizing the trail project, including trail on the south side of Adams Street, upgrades/renovations to Bill Sears Complex, campground upgrades/adding cabins to McKinley Lake, splash pad(s) at one or more of the parks and McKinley Lake restoration project. Each of these projects take time and vast amounts of funds. We are working to keep the parks as a vital part of our community. Again, thank you for donation to the Parks & Recreation Department. Your donation will be placed in the Parks & Recreation fund to help in completing all these new and exciting projects.
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