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Application for Peddlers

  1. 116 W Adams
    P.O. Box 449
    Creston, IA 50801-0449
    Phone 641-782-2000
    Fax 641-782-6377

  2. Creston's Restored Depot and City Hall

  3. - $10 Non-refundable Application Fee
    - $50 One-Day Permit Fee
    - $150 One-Week
    - $500 Six-Month
    - $1,000 One-Year Permit Fee

  4. Have you ever been convicted of a felony, arrested for theft, fraud, or a crime involving moral turpitude?

  5. Bureau of Identification
    1st Floor
    215 E 7th Street
    Des Moines, IA 50319
    Phone: 515-725-6066
    State of Iowa Non-Law Enforcement Record Check Request Form A (PDF)

  6. State of Iowa Sales Tax Permit

  7. Return application with appropriate fee and, if a Transient Merchant, evidence that a bond has been filed with the Secretary of State in accordance with Chapter 9C of the Code of Iowa.

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