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Rental Housing Complaint Form

  1. 147.09 Complaints

  2. - The complaints shall be in writing upon a form provided by the City of Creston and signed by the complainant.

    - Such complaints shall state the address of the premises, the name of the owner, landlord or operator, and shall state the nature of the alleged violation with specificity.

    - In the case of tenants making complaints concerning the dwelling or dwelling unit in which they reside, such tenant shall attach a dated copy of the notice in which they requested the owner or operator to correct the alleged violation, unless complaint pertains to an emergency situation as determined by the administration.

    - It is a violation of the provisions of this chapter for an owner or operator to take reprisals against any tenant making a compliant under the provisions of this chapter. Any such reprisals shall constitute a municipal infraction.

  3. I certify under penalty of perjury that this is a true and accurate statement.

  4. If you are a tenant of this property, attach a dated copy of the complaint information notice given or sent to the property owner/manager.

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