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Plumbing Permit Form

  1. Except for Permit Number all portions of this form shall be completed by the applicant. Stamped signatures will not be accepted.

    Except as provided by law, where plumbing work has been started prior to obtaining a permit, the regular fee therefor shall be doubled.

    A plumbing permit shall expire if work is not commenced within 180 days or if work is abandoned for 180 days.

    It is the responsibility of permittee to call for all inspections Call 641-782-2000 and select Option 3.

    Permits are non-transferable - all work shall be performed by permittee or his/her employee.

    No electrical work shall be concealed or covered until approved by the inspector. All Work Must Be Inspected.

    The permittee is assumed to be knowledgeable of the Plumbing Code. Any questions should be resolved prior to installation.

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