1. Airport

    The Creston Municipal Airport is a fully functional airport. The runway is 4,910 feet in length with a grass crosswind runway available. Refueling services or self-serve refueling are available.

  2. Animal Control

    Learn about Animal Control and pet adoption.

  3. Building

    Read more about the Building Department and access department forms and information.

  4. Cemetery

    Read more about the Graceland Cemetery including information about Holidays and the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees.

  5. Fire

    The Creston Fire Department is a combination fire department. It is staffed with full-time, part-time and volunteer professionals who offer around the clock firefighting and rescue services to the City of Creston and surrounding townships in Union County.

  6. Library

    Visit your local library!

  7. Parks & Recreation

    Learn more about the Parks and Recreation department including swimming pool rates, donation program, and more.

  8. Police

    The Creston Police Department strives to meet the highest standards for excellence in law enforcement. The department provides year-round, 24 hour service to its citizens, and adheres to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

  9. Public Works

    The Public Works department is a multi-dimensional concept in economics and politics, touching on multiple arenas including: recreation, aesthetics, economy, law, and neighborhood.

  10. Solid Waste

    The Solid Waste Department provides citizens with cost- effective, environmentally sound, and safe solid waste management services.